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At GoTime Cloud, we believe that we’ve created the best cloud-based time attendance management solution. That’s why we have also decided to develop a program for partners to make it easier to work and innovate with us.

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Get the resources to grow our solution

Powered by ZKTeco, at GoTime Cloud we work hand in hand with our partners to meet their needs and develop employee time tracking software & solutions that are profitable in a constantly changing technological landscape.

Now, you can incorporate our GoTime Cloud solution into your portfolio and sell our cloud-based time attendance technology to your customers and indirect distributors.

If you are familiar with HR Consulting firms or world-leading WFM enterprises become a partner for GoTime Cloud and build your own fulfilling and rewarding business.

As a GoTime Cloud partner, you’ll get exclusive resources and access to our platform to help you promote and channel programs to your network. For the duration of the partnership, a GoTime Cloud partner account manager will also provide a seamless experience for any referrals provided.

  • No minimum number of licenses required. Only pay for the licenses you sell.
  • AWS Cloud-based business platform.
  • Flexibility to order, modify or cancel.
  • Easy billing and renewal process.
  • Easy customer administration and control panel.
  • Easy and compatible time and attendance device shop.
  • Opportunity to collaborate and develop case studies for free for co-branding purposes.
How can I become a GoTime Cloud Partner?
How can I become a GoTime Cloud Partner?
  1. Get in touch
    Use our contact form to let us know about you and your company.
  2. Meet the requirements
    After evaluating your request our GoTime Cloud sales team will contact you to discuss if it’s a good match for both parties.
  3. Build your own rewarding business
    Once your application has been approved, you will receive access to the GoTime Cloud partner portal via email. When you have it, you can start discovering the tools, options and other resources that we put at your disposal.

Join our partner program

Our GoTime Cloud partner / prescriber programme is aimed at HR, Technology, Telecommunications, ERP, Consulting and Security companies who wish to promote GoTime Cloud and add value to their product offerings.

One click away from the cloud
GoTime Cloud makes your Business and Enterprise Time Management needs easier though better accessibility, constant scalability and stronger security. So, what are you waiting for?