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GoTime Cloud Webinar | Cloud-based Time Attendance System

Published on 29/05/2021
GoTime Cloud Webinar | Cloud-based Time Attendance System

Join our GoTime Cloud webinar, and learn more about our cloud-based Time Attendance System Solution powered by ZKTeco Europe and with AWS cloud environment security.

Discover what our Time Attendance solution can do for your business and learn about the configuration that best suits your needs.

Our webinar will take place 17th June from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

About GoTime Cloud Time Attendance System & Solutions

GoTime Cloud is a cloud-based Time and Attendance Management Solution, that centralizes your employee’s real-time information and Time Attendance fingerprint and RFID time clock data on a single platform, making this information accessible from web browsers, no matter where you are.

With GoTime Cloud your company and employee’s data is secure at AWS through your web browser of choice and without requiring any previous infrastructure or software application.

What will you learn?

In this webinar, we will overview operation, requirements and best practices for GoTime Cloud within your business or enterprise and the proper configuration and implementation of this software in the cloud.

This GoTime Cloud webinar is for:

  • Users who want to improve and start working with our cloud solution.
  • Human resources consultants, WFM companies and current GoTime Cloud clients who want to gain knowledge on the solution and be able to properly implement it for their clients.

Time Attendance System Contents:


Welcome introduction and a brief solution overview.


Basic operations and functionality on GoTime Cloud

  • Employee Management
  • Summary: Overview of available functions, Employees, History, Punches, Petitions, Devices, Closures, Reports and Configurations.
  • Punch in/out management
  • Petitions Management
  • Terminal or device Management
  • Closures: What are closures and closures on demand
  • Listings: Types of listings, how to manage them, export options.
  • Settings: Schedule management, Profile management, Calendar management, work center and department management, incidents, exchanges, interruptions, day types, costs, cost concept and preferences.
  • User management: Assignment of user permissions.
  • Password management


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GoTime Cloud makes your Business and Enterprise Time Management needs easier though better accessibility, constant scalability and stronger security. So, what are you waiting for?