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One centralized cloud platform for all your installations

With GoTime Cloud you can work on one centralised cloud-computing environment ensuring that all your existing facilities anywhere in the world work in the same way. No matter where your Time Attendance devices are located. All you must do is configure your devices according to your GoTime Cloud, a centralized time and attendance tracking solution.

Your employee’s real-time attendance information and T&A Device (fingerprint, RFID, password, etc.) data are stored on a single platform, making this data accessible from web browsers, no matter where you are.

GoTime Cloud: Centralized time and attendance tracking

Any user can access their data via the web from any computer or device connection. Allows multi-company and multi-user. And there is no need to worry about maintaining or updating any software or hardware. Employee data is stored securely at Amazon Web Services (AWS) with https communication protocols and without the need to devote additional resources.

GoTime Cloud is cloud time tracking software for Time and Attendance Management that let’s you smplify your employee’s time tracking system and time clock solutions.

One click away from the cloud
GoTime Cloud makes your Business and Enterprise Time Management needs easier though better accessibility, constant scalability and stronger security. So, what are you waiting for?