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How to configure Time Attendance devices in GoTime Cloud

Published on 08/08/2021

In this video we will explain how to configure compatible time attendance devices in GoTime Cloud, your cloud-based time and attendance solution. For best performance setting up your Time and Attendance devices starts by identifying your requirements and expectations. You can access our selection of biometric readers and choose the most convenient product for your business. 

Time Attendance devices are a start point for access and attendance control. They identify the employee, whether with fingerprint or card. Thanks to that the employee can punch in and out.

What should we take into account when configuring a new time and attendance terminal?

When adding a new time attendance device, we have the following options.

  • Code: Numeric value that identifies the device. Exclusive for each device.
  • Description: Short text with the name or small device description.
  • Serial number: The serial number is a code located in the device information menu or the stickers on the device casing.
  • UTC: We need to declare the UTC where the device will be working on.
  • Advanced options: Daylight saving time configuration and information related with device data and firmware version.

Which time attendance terminals are compatible with GoTime Cloud?

The time tracking devices compatible with GoTime cloud are:

  • ProFace X Series
  • SpeedFace V5L Series 
  • SpeedFace RFID Series
  • ZPad Plus
  • ZPad Plus RFID
  • iClock Series
  • S922
  • UA760
  • UA860

Our terminals are highly accurate, secure and a reliable way for your employees to clock in and out of work. Our Time Attendance terminals support biometric palm-vein, face and fingerprint identification, temperature & mask detection, RFID Cards, badges and passwords.

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